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Volusia, Flagler County Coalition for the Homeless (VFCCH) was incorporated in 2000 as a 501 c-3 nonprofit corporation whose sole mission is to prevent homelessness and provide a path to independence for families, individuals, veterans, and youth who have fallen into homelessness.  VFCCH was designed primarily to act as an administrative agency to procure, distribute and monitor grants/other funding and provide direct oversight to agencies in the community who would provide the direct services.

From 2000 to 2014 VFCCH served a dual role as both the Lead Agency for the Continuum of Care (CoC) and Continuum of Care.  In July of 2014 a separate Continuum of Care for the Volusia- Flagler FL 504-CoC was created in accordance with HUD regulations, however, VFCCH retained its role as the Lead Agency, Collaborative Applicant  and HMIS Lead Agency for the CoC.  In this capacity, VFCCH continues to provide assistance and guidance of the CoC in planning, coordinating, applying for federal, state and local funds, facilitate the ranking and review committee for this continuum, as well as implementing and monitoring services, activities and outcomes associated with not only the HUD CoC and ESG grant competitions in accordance with the HEARTH Act and Interim Rule (CFR 24, part 78) but also other state and local funding.  VFCCH also serves the Lead agency for the coordinated entry process which assists homeless and at risk of homeless individuals and families access services and housing.

VFCCH is the lead agency and houses the HMIS programs that service our Continuum of Care. There are over 85 programs which are implemented throughout the continuum by local agencies that report their data into the HMIS system.   VFCCH has the ability to track, monitor and make recommendations on the progress of agencies needs as identified by the number of individuals and families requesting services and associated outcomes.

VFCCH has a long history of documenting the local homeless need by conducting the annual Point in Time Count. VFCCH continues to provide this service to our community as the Lead Agency and Collaborative Applicant as well as HMIS Lead for the Volusia/Flagler CoC.  The Point in Time Count is a collaborative effort of all homeless service providers, public institutions, jails, mental health, foster care, law enforcement, hospitals, the Veterans Administration and the Department of Children and Families.  The count is conducted in the last ten days of January and documents sheltered and unsheltered homeless including single individuals, families, veterans, unaccompanied youth, and chronic homeless. The data from this count is used to prepare the annual Governor’s report on the State of Homelessness to provide descriptive statistics of the homeless in Volusia and Flagler Counties.

All of the clients served through VFCCH and agencies supported by VFCCH are homeless/at risk of homelessness and/or extremely low income. Clients include all demographics (all race and ethnicities) who are homeless and at risk individuals and families, homeless veterans, individuals  with mental illness and/or substance abuse problems, disabled and medically needy of all races and ethnicities.