Sharon Warriner  

Board Director

Grant Development Specialist

Halifax Healthcare

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Loretta Wilary 

Board Director

Community Advocate 

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Carl Epley 

Vice President 

Chief Financial Officer

Neighborhood of West Volusia 

Executive Committee 

Sarah Shepard

Board Director

Case Manager

Healthy Start

William A. Clark , CPA


W Clark & Associates, LLC 

Amanda Nixon

Board Director

Integrative Crisis Management, LLC

Christine Sikora 

Board Director

Vice President of Innovative Workforce Solutions


Chet Bell


Management Consultant

Stewart Marchman Act Behavioral Healthcare

VFCCH is a non-profit 501 c- 3 organization which is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board members are comprised of individuals of varying ethnic, racial, occupational, educational, socio-economic status to include two formerly homeless individuals. The board serves as the governing body that assumes responsibility for all policies, programs, fiscal management of the organization.  The Board members are all volunteers and do not receive any kind of financial or other forms of compensation.

Kat Pontiac


Reanna Ministries 

Dr. Stehpen Bickel

Board Director

Flagler Free Clinic 

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Executive Committee 

     This committee is chaired by the President,          Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary and acts on behalf of the Coalition in managing business affairs in between board meetings.



​​Board of Directors 

The main purpose of the board is to represent its members by managing the financial and policy decisions of the Coalition.